Divine Providence

Bridge Over Troubled Waters

Our tournament results were spotty — we did not play particularly well for much of the time (but see the next paragraph for a description of our last day of play on Saturday the 23rd). One notable success, at least in our own eyes, took place when we played in the Senior Swiss Teams National Championship. We were decided underdogs, by a long shot, having far less experience than almost all the teams entered in the event. But we did win two of our eight matches the first day of play, earning our very first “Platinum” masterpoints, all 0.84 of them, LOL. This may not sound like much of anything, but for players like us in the lower levels of the event, this was a VERY BIG DEAL. Still, we were eliminated at the end of this qualifying day of play and did not advance to the second day of play, where the eventual winner and runners–up were decided.

From left, Rex Saffer (Captain), Frank Morgan, Betsy Cutler, and Bob Cole

Providence, RI

From its Wikipedia entry,

East Bay Bike Path



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Rex Saffer the AstroDoc

Rex Saffer the AstroDoc


Retired Physics Professor, Motorcyclist, Bridge Player, Voracious Reader, Philosopher, Essayist, Science/Culture Utility Infielder